Nightwing #20 Preview: Flying Blind

Dick Grayson just got his hero welcoming, now it’s time that Dick Grayson learns a bit more about how they do things in Chicago. Click the jump to see more.

Plot: His first outing in Chicago ended with Dick trashing a train station and generally not enjoying the Windy City. 

The pairing between Kyle Higgins (Nightwing writer) and Brett Booth (Teen Titans and now Nightwing artist) has been fun! Booth understands how to draw Dick Grayson/Nightwing very nicely by paying attention to the details of the character’s personality such as the  free acrobatic nature. This has been a thing with Dick/Nightwing and it’s great to see how much fun this book has become. Congratulations to Higgins and Booth!

Nightwing is in a new city, Chicago and unfortunately the police do not take well to masked vigilantes. It’s an exciting new set-up for Nightwing where he will be able to have his own rogue’s gallery as well as build up his heroism without being under Batman’s cape. The character that intrigues some people the most is The Prankster who is kind of like Nightwing’s version of Joker. Hopefully down the line, we will be able to see them duke it out in a match.  And, who is this “Lisa” character who has bits of an unsettling personality?

See the preview down below.

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