Artist Paints a Divine Batman

Anyone else find that they’re having a hard time preaching the word of the Batman? Looks like we’ve got some help from a San Francisco-based artist. Click the jump to see more.

It’s kinda difficult for me to really appreciate art. It really depends on the medium. I’ve been to art galleries, but overall, I’m not the biggest fan of some of the most abstract expressions. There’s just far too many valid interpretations of art for me to gauge anything objectively. I subscribe to the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning that if I don’t find the beauty in it, I’m more likely to dismiss it, but I also am a big fan of the notion that true art stimulates discussion. But enough about that, I’m losing sight of what’s important and what’s important is Batman. I know I don’t have to tell Robert Xavier Burden, a painter residing in San Francisco.

The news with Burden is that he recently unveiled a painting yesterday. That painting is called The Holy Batman. Can you possibly imagine anything more wonderful than that? This masterpiece, standing at a whopping 12 foot by 7 foot, simulates a stained glass window (the kind you often see in a church) and at the center of the painting is a watchful Tim Burton-inspired Batman action figure. Surrounding him are many overt and obscure references to Batman, all as action figures or toys. The frame itself is made from resin casts of Batman action figure heads.

The article doesn’t really talk so much about his admiration of Bats, but more so his approach to this material as he explains that he wanted to rekindle that magical sense of awe that he had as a child when he played with his Batman action figures. He laments that picking them up as an adult, he simply did not feel the same. With that, he set out to work on this masterpiece. Accordingly, the painting took 1200 hours, with him starting work on it in February 2012 and finally finishing it up in November 2012.

Though I’m impressed with the dedication and hard work he put it into as well as his established paradigm for creating this work, I gotta say that I’m just giddy for any godlike interpretation of the Bats. I need a print of this for a shrine I’m starting.

Check it out below:

I’m just upset that we couldn’t get a larger and higher resolution of the picture so that we could see the details.

Any Batman works of art that you greatly admire? Can you spot any cool and interesting references in the painting? Let me know.

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Source – Wired

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