Geoff Johns talks Arrow, Booster Gold, animated movies and more!

In a Comic Book Day interview with Collider, DC Entertainment COO and Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns talked about the first season of CW’s Arrow while teasing other DC plans for television by saying “You’ll know a lot more about DC in July at Comic-Con.”

Check out a bit of the interview below where Johns is questioned about the future of DC animated films, but click the link above for the full story.

COLLIDER: Something that you guys do really well is DC Animated movies.  I have a really interesting question coming from Twitter asking is there any possibility of taking a movie script that never got made, like a J.J. Abrams Superman, and taking that script or idea and making a DC Animated movie out of it?

JOHNS: There’s always a possibility.  That’s not the first time that’s come up.  There’s always discussions about what would be really cool to do.

COLLIDER: What about talking to other writers, bringing in new and unexpected voices?  To do an animated movie? Is that something–


COLLIDER:Damn it! I feel like two months too soon!

JOHNS: Sorry, man.  There is a really cool one in development right now, that’s not necessarily — it’s very different from anything they’ve done before.  I’m really excited about it.  I don’t know when they’ll be talking about that yet, I don’t know when it’ll be ready to talk about. 

What animated film would you like to see DC make in the future? Let us know in the comments!
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Source: Collider

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