Introducing Luke Fox as the new Batwing, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray bring on a wet behind the ears hero whom everyone can enjoy. Batwing #20 preview, click the jump to see the preview.

PLOT: Luke Fox is pledged in as being the new Batwing, now he has to try not die as the newest addition.

I do appreciate the relevance DC Comics is trying to make by adding Luke Fox as the new Batwing. Some fans felt that David Zambive (old Batwing) and the story being told about him was great. For others, David didn’t feel so relevant to Gotham City or to the Bat-family in general. Either way, Batwing was not selling high enough and needed a change up. Batwing has a new character, a new suit, and a new mission to become an international hero. It’s exciting to see how well Luke Fox’s hero’s journey will go as he literally breaks into his new heroism and new suit. 

See the preview down below.

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