Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2013 has begun with Day 1. The second panel of convention is All AccessClick the jump to see more.

The second panel of the convention is All Access featuring Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing),  and Jimmy Palmiotti (current writer of Batwing). Along with these two are the rest of the panel such as Bob Wayne ( VP of Sales), Art Baltazar (cartoonist),  Brian Azzarello (writer), Charles Soule (writer),  Franco (cartoonist), Freddie E. Williams (artist),  Jim Chadwick (editor), and Len Wein (writer). You can see them from the vine gif below:


Here’s the breakdown of the All Access panel that is Batman related:

 NIGHTWING: Kyle Higgins 

Among the Batman comic books, Nightwing has been one of the Batman books that hasn’t disappointed fans at all. With Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing) as an avid Nightwing fan at the helm, DC Comics couldn’t have gone wrong from there. Higgins is not only writing Nightwing, but by July 2013 he will also be writing Batman Beyond (digital comic book) as well. Here’s what is in store for Dick Grayson as Nightwing:

Kyle Higgins

It’s a blast, and I feel very honored and thrilled to be writing this book every month. Nightwing as the hero just moved to Chicago full time. In issue #22, the idea is that Tony Zucco – the man that killed Dick Grayson’s parents – is still alive and living under an assumed identity in Chicago. We’re building mythology about the city, there haven’t been masks in a couple years. They’re all dead. Right off the bat, we’ve got the Prankster, which is a reinvention of a Superman villain. The high concept of masked heroes and villains all being outlawed in the city even as a new masked version of Prankster pops up in Nightwing’s new city. Once you see the Prankster’s motivation and history, it’s going to make sense how it all ties together with Zuco’s story.

It’s interesting to see Prankster being introduced into The New 52’s. Since Dick Grayson doesn’t have much of a rogues gallery of his own besides Batman‘s. It’s good to see Nightwing’s world expand more and to allow Dick to have his own city where things are not in his favor. It makes more of a compelling story to boot. Think of The Dark Knight (2008) for Nightwing where Prankster is the lesser version of Joker and Nightwing is Batman. As far as Prankster is considered, I hope Prankster stays as a villain and does not turn into an anti-hero by the end of the day. We need more villains with a menacing purpose, than just the usual “something happened to me and now I hate the world” bit. It’s been over and done with, let’s try something with more zest, yes?

BATWING: Jimmy Palmiotti 


Jimmy Palmiotti

There was very little discussed about this book or about the new character, Luke Fox (Lucius Fox’s son) as being the new Batwing. So, clearly Batwing might be in the line to for the chopping block. Since it’s sales have been at 12,000 in March. However, this was pre-Luke Fox’s presence. If the book does not get better sales by September. Out goes Batwing for sure this time around.

Fan Questions

Q1: A fan asked first why DC had no booth at the Chicago show and second whether Damian Wayne would be resurrected in the comics thru Talon‘s serum of resurrection.

A1: We chose this year to participate with the programming and a number of panels like this one. As for Damian, no.

Q2: A fan expressed his concern if DC was possibly putting out a “potentially a subpar product” given the frequency of creative team changes.

A2: I can assure you that nothing that anyone does at DC, or any of the other companies, is designed to put out a subpar book.  Sometimes there are disagreements over what makes the best story, which leads to changes. It’s always intended to give you guys the best possible story, and the best possible value for your dollar.

Q3: A fan asked if readers will see Black Canary in Green Arrow soon.

A3: Maybe

Q4: Is there hope “false or otherwise” for Young Justice (the animated series) to come back?

A4: Didn’t the Teen Titans Go kind of come back? I am sure that the creative team of the show would also want to see it back, and though there are no current plans, essentially stranger things have happened.

Q5: Plans for a live-action DC TV series coming soon? Wayne:

A5: Yes!

As far as fan questions are considered, this panel was very straight forward. It seems that DC Comics is shutting their trap tighter than usual since they announced they will be no longer doing columns with Comic Book Resources. According to most of the leaks dropping out earlier this year and last year, maybe DC Comics should have shut that trap a while back. What needs to be done now is more promoting and interaction from their Facebook, Twitter, and blog from DC Comics. Fans want to be more informed about what’s going on, and who’s doing what, where, why and how. If you shut the trap, and keep fans in the dark. Fans will lose interest fast. For the most part, everything about  DC Comics via internet has been negative so DC Comics has to combat that with some positives through social media.

It seems they’re going to be taking that responsibility, hopefully they’ll know how to use it to their advantage. 

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Source- Twitch TV, Newsarama, CBR 

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