Batman, Incorporated Ends on Issue #13, Cover Reveal

Looks like Grant Morrison’s title Batman, Incorporated will conclude with Issue #13. Click the jump for the release date, cover, and teaser.

Batman, Incorporated is unfortunately coming to a close. The series has been monumental for featuring the first death of a Robin since Jim Starlin’s A Death of in the Family killed off Jason Todd. Unfortunately, I’ve never read the series (mostly because Chris Burnham’s art is intolerable), but I have been following the events leading up to this series and am pretty familiar with the circumstances behind.

It was a story conceived by Grant Morrison prior to the new 52 relaunch, when he was architect of the Batman Universe – a role rightfully handed off to the brilliant Scott Snyder. Final Crisis showed Superman carrying out Batman’s charred body. While Bruce Wayne was assumed dead, Dick Grayson reluctantly took up the cowl with Damian Wayne fulfilling the role of Robin. Wayne’s fate was revealed in a 6-issue limited series, penned by Morrison, called the Return of Bruce Wayne that showed us that he was in fact alive, but trapped in the past. After Wayne returns to the present, he allows Grayson to continue on as Gotham’s Batman, while he goes on a global trek, recruiting and training people to act as agents of what he would call Batman, Incorporated. It would essentially be a global military power controlled by Wayne, acting under the symbol of the Batman.

The series was canceled after the New 52 Relaunch. Morrison eventually returned to continue and has now decided to end the title with his own departure from the series

Well, after that unnecessarily long introduction, the news here is that final issue, issue #13, will go on sale July 24. The foreboding teaser summarizes the issue thusly: “Batman saves the world and loses everything.”

Here’s the cover:


How do you feel about the entire run of Batman, Incorporated? Are you sad to see it go? Let me know.

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Source – IGN

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