David Goyer On Writing Another Batman Film

He wrote the Dark Knight, who is going to turn this guy down?

David S. Goyer, one half of the duo who wrote the Dark Knight Trilogy and writer for the upcoming Man of Steel movie, has recently spoken about returning to do more Batman films in the future, now that the series will be rebooted yet again. Goyer has said he’s not officially retired from writing The Batman for the big screen, but he hasn’t had any offers yet.

Um, I don’t know, honestly. I worked on Batman for 10 years, so that’s a lot of Batman. I’m not sure… I don’t really know, I haven’t been asked that yet so we’ll see.”

Right now, the Justice League movie has been hitting a few snags as a result of the script, among other things, and there are even rumors that the next Batman film will be out before the JL movie even enters production. Now, David S. Goyer is an amazing storycrafter, someone who has been a part of many, many projects, some amazingly successful, and others that fell into development hell or were scrapped. He’s worked on the Blade movies, the scrapped “Flash” movie, and of course, the Batman reboots that brought dignity back to the Caped Crusader on the Silver screen and the very promising Man of Steel movie that hopes to reboot the Superman franchise in the same way the Dark Knight trilogy did for Batman. If asked, how could Goyer say no to a Justice League movie? It’s the movie he was born to write, considering his involvement in DC comic movies.  An example of Goyer getting his choice of doing any Superhero movie he wanted was way back in 2005, after Batman Begins was a big hit.

They look after Batman, Warner Bros, and they came to me and said ‘You did a great job on Batman, the next big one we want to get up and running is The Flash or Green Lantern – are you interested?’. I said I would love to do The Flash.

Will Goyer return to writing duties for DC’s revamp of DC Hero movies to rival the growing and almost unstoppable Marvel movie universe? It’s unclear at this point, but I for one, hope he does. He understands how heroes think, and how movies work.  A writer like that knows how to get the audience immersed in the hero’s plight, in his humanity, and how it can craft a wonderful story that’s not just about a hero that’s larger than life, but someone who’s relatable to anyone. Honestly, I’d kill to see a Flash movie written by David S. Goyer. Let’s just hope he’s involved in some capacity in more DC films down the road.

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