WonderCon 2013 has begun and it started with DC Comics All Access Panel. Find out what’s going to happen for the next few months in Batman comics. Click the jump to see more.

The DC Comics All Access Panel began with Scott Snyder and his new story arc that will be premiering in June. Here’s what Snyder said about the new ambitious arc:

Batman: Zero Year 

“When the New 52 started, we tried to keep a lot of Batman’s history intact. A lot of it is intact, but we realized a lot of the things from Year One couldn’t stand. It’s something we’ve been dying to do for a very long time. I had an origin story that I had been playing with in my mind and if I ever got to do one this is what it would be. I’m crazy proud of it and nervous about it and I hope you enjoy it.”– Snyder 

Synder says “Year Zero” is nothing like Year One, since trying to do a better version of that story would be impossible. As well incorporating Selina Kyle into the origin story would be damn near too confusing with the current New 52 story line. Snyder assures the fans that he planned to be respectful to the core of the character while delivering something readers have never seen. Snyder says he thinks it’s the best thing the current team has done on Batman, and that readers haven’t seen the character’s origin done like this before.

Catwoman: JLA &  Ann Nocenti’s run 

Ann Nocenti (current writer of Catwoman) had a few words to say about what happened at the beginning of her run on Catwoman.

“The hard part of this stuff is that everything is a secret, they kept throwing things at me. A lot of it was really fun, they threw me into the vault with all the toys and let me play with whatever I want. Then she (Catwoman) joined the Justice League. She’s an accidental hero. She’s an antihero. She’s a thief. The idea that you’ll suddenly put her on a team when she does heroics? That felt a little odd.  A lot of fun I’m having is just feeding off what Rafa is doing and heading down roads I think will visually inspire him. I think that his approach to action is layered with — sometimes it feels ‘Three Stooges,’ sometimes it’s brutal and heart-wrenching.”- Nocenti 

Nocenti says of her initial time on the Catwoman series is that she dealt with whatever was given to her by DC ComicsAs we all know, that Judd Winick (first writer of Catwoman) left mid-arc leaving Nocenti with some sketches of a script. Ever since then, Nocenti has been trying to deal with the editors and what DC Comics wants for Catwoman. This is not to say she is forgiven for making such a mockery of Catwoman in Issue #0 or the other issues after “Death of a Family.” However, she has to improve her work and make fans want to read Catwoman again. There are still editorial mishandling at DC Comics.

Batman’66: Excited 

Batman’66 will be released digitally in June. And it has a huge positive response for the new book.

Batman ’66, this is basically the first time we’ve ever done this version of Batman from the TV show with him looking like Adam West and Robin looking like Burt Ward.”-Editor Jim Chadwick

Earth 2: New Batman 

James Robinson says there will be a new Batman and he will be introduced in the upcoming Earth 2 annual issue.

“Another big piece is this new Batman who will be a big part of ‘Earth 2’ and a big part of the DC Universe. He’ll be around forever.” – Robinson 

Q&A: Fans must ask

Q1: A fan asked when Snyder would write a story starring the Riddler and Snyder replies that, the Riddler has  a big one coming up in Batman. 

Q2: A young fan asked “If Damian was going to stay dead — for about two years?” The response was that he should read Batman Incorporated very carefully.

Q3: Snyder got a question about the upcoming “Zero Year” arc. His response, “Maybe it was time to do something more singular in ‘Batman ‘Zero Year’ would tie in to existing continuity, but be able to stand on its own.”

Q4: Fan asked,“Is Harper Row going to play a bigger part in the Batman series?” The response from Snyder was “She’s a very important part of my own personal mythology for Batman. But just to be absolutely clear, her purpose to exist isn’t to try and replace Robin. Without spoiling what may or may not happen, I just hope you people like her as her own character.”



For the most part, “Zero Year” should be the most ambitious story arc for DC Comics because they are tampering with what most people have read and known for years which is Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. Scott Snyder should be able to update Batman and “wow” us at the same time. The story arc will begin from June 2013 and end around next April 2014. It’s huge! As for the Riddler, for those who have been keeping up Riddler has been hinted and confirmed to be in “Zero Year” along with Two-Face. The story kind of feels like it’s going to be The Dark Knight just with Riddler instead of Joker? As far as Damian is concerned, most fans will be a happy to see him back again if he does come back. So, as far as Harper Row is concerned why bring a character like her in if you’re not going to really use her?

There tons of more things heading for this summer, hopefully we all like it. Down the line, I will find a full clip of DC Comics All Access Panel and post it below.

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Source- CBR, Newsarama 

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