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Warner Bros. Interactive has recently announced  their upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game,Infinite Crisis. See the roster for this new game.  Click the jump to see more.


Infinite Crisis a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by “Lord of the Rings Online” by Turbine Studio. The game features a player versus player experience that allows users to select a variety of DC Comics heroes and villains from across 52 worlds in the Multiverse to go up against one another in combat.

Players can currently sign up to participate in the Beta for the game on the official website, but perhaps most interesting is the release of a number of screenshots and a trailer that detail the different takes on characters in “Infinite Crisis'” roster — including heroes and villains from a Nightmare world, a steampunk-inspired Gaslight world and the primary DCU. While the “prime” DC Universe seems to be inspired by the New 52, there are one or two noticeable differences — most notably a pink costume for Zatanna. So far, the announced roster includes Doomsday; the Flash; Gaslight versions of Catwoman, Joker and Batman; Green Lantern; Poison Ivy; Shazam; Joker; Wonder Woman; Zatanna and Nightmare Batman.

See the roster below and see the trailer down below. Like their facebook HERE

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