A month after Damian Wayne dies, Grant Morrison returns with Issue #9 of Batman INC and continues the story of Batman vs. Talia fight. Click the jump to see more.

Plot: Robin’s Requiem continues, but the story continues with Batman vs. Talia and Damian’s brother/clone.

Grant Morrison held an interview with Buzz Feed discussing the layout for the next few issues of Batman INC post-Damian. See the below what he has to say:

In “Batman, Inc.,” Talia looks like she’s completely turned on her son, other than a moment of remorse at the end of the issue. Is she really that angry at Damian for choosing Batman over her?

GM: She’s very angry, but she mostly hates Batman. And the thing for me was to tell a story about divorce. Because when I was a kid, my parents divorced. So I always kind of wanted to tell the story of what if you were a child of Batman and this incredible, exotic, brilliant woman who runs a criminal empire? There was once a time when Batman was in love with her and she was in love with him, but now she hates him, she hates him so bad. Because that’s what happens to people, and it’s really sad — people who used to really love each other end up in divorce courts, shouting at each other and bringing out the worst qualities of one another, and they hate each other. So I thought, let’s expose this little kid to this. This new Robin, who is right in the middle of these two people, and because it’s Batman and Talia, it’s not just Damian’s parents falling out, but when they fall out, the whole world ends. A superhero against a super-criminal. So it’s really a way to explore what happens to kids when their parents really grow to hate one another.

So Talia made a completely irrevocable mistake, then?

GM (Grant Morrison): Yes. But Batman did too. I wanted to make the point that both parents are culpable in this. This is what they’ve done with their stupid war. When two parents fall out, it’s a small scale, but my idea is, what happens when Batman and Talia fall out? Will the whole world tremble? What’s happened to Damian will affect everything, and that’s how the next four issues will play out, how they work that out. Batman has a big confrontation with Talia at the end that will change pretty much everything.

So what’s up with the man who deals the fatal blow to Robin, Damian’s brother?

GM: He’s a clone of Damian that’s been rapid-aged and genetically enhanced. He’s a kind of super-being. He’s only 2 years old and he has the mentality of a 2-year-old, and we’ll see more of that as the story reaches its end. And that’s kind of his weakness as well as his strength; he hasn’t had the time to grow up and learn lessons, so he’s kind of a destructive force of nature. It’s kind of the negative side of Batman and the negative side of Damian are expressed in this character and he kind of wants to be Batman, to replace him and take over Gotham City and the world. He’s just this crazy 2-year-old kid who wants to have his own way.

According to the interview, Damian has only been training under Batman for about a year. Since Batman has only been around as a hero for five years, it seems that Damian was genetically altered to become ten years old in five years. So, every year  was two years for Damian or two and a half years. As far as Talia is concerned, the bitch has to die for killing Damian. So, Morrison will have to make it so at least we hope so.

See the preview down below. To read more of the interview go the source link below.

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Source- Buzz Feed 


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