Recent news of Christopher Nolan godfathering the Justice League movie, Forbes is predicting a huge box office for the Justice League movie. Click the jump to see more.

Christopher Nolan is currently overseeing Man of Steel as a producer with Zack Snyder directing the movie. Nolan will now be overseeing the Justice League movie. David S. Goyer (writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel) is rumored to be the new writer for Justice League replacing Will Beall (writer of Gangster Squad). So, with this successful team there is sure to be money made according to Forbes. See what they claim for the Justice League movie:

The monetary value of this deal for everyone involved, and for the studio, would be hard to fathom at this point. Consider what Marvel’s The Avengers was capable of with a slate of lesser-known characters whose films never approached the worldwide $1 billion range of Nolan’s Batman or the name recognition (and likely upcoming $800 million or more global box office) of Superman. A Justice League film with this filmmaking team, staring these performers as these characters, and filmed and released in 3D, could have global box office potential of perhaps $2 billion or more.

Wow…um…wow…and wow. This is a huge prediction. Of course, if Man of Steel prevails and Nolan sticks around it might happen. What do you think? Is 2 Billion too much of a prediction especially with Avengers 2 coming out the same time in 2016?

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Source– Forbes 

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