Catwoman is possessed by the power of Eclipso, Catwoman #16 preview. Click the jump to see more.

PLOT: Catwoman is possessed by the power of Eclipso!  Selina may be able to fight her way out of the Black Room, but what will be left of her soul if she does? And find out the shocking identity of the person who hired Catwoman to steal the diamond in the first place!

It’s not bad that Eclipso will be in this issue of Catwoman. But, here’s the thing you really can’t see Catwoman fighting off the supernatural at this point in time. It kind of feels like Ann Nocenti (current writer of Catwoman) is just playing “Go Fish” with Catwoman’s story line. Hopefully, DC Comics wises up and tries to bring in a new writer who can bring this dying book to some kind of elegance.  

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