It’s always about a sword. Birds of Prey #15 preview, click the jump to see more.

PLOT: It’s shake-up time as the team loses one member and gains a new one! Meanwhile, something strange is happening to Black Canary, Starling’s and not sure what to do about it. Is this a hint of darker things to come?

Katana will be leaving Birds of Prey soon, so we might as well enjoy her stay as long as we can. Juan Jose Ryp is drawing this issue, so where the hell is Romano Molenaar (current artist of Birds of Prey)? Is he on hiatus or will he be leaving as well? Anyway, you know what you’re here for…the preview.

See the preview down below. Comment down below, DKN FacebookDKNewsCom, or DC Comics Fans.

Source- Crave Online 

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