We’ve heard it from Jonathan Nolan (brother and writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy) about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. Now, we hear it from Christopher Nolan himself. Click the jump to see more.

The controversial ending to The Dark Knight Rises has always been up to debate. Even more so, the idea of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilogy leaving the cowl after only a few years of being Batman. Here’s what Nolan had to say:

Very much. I mean everything in the trilogy comes back to the scene of the jet in “Batman Begins” between Bruce and Alfred. It’s a short scene and it’s simple, but it’s got a couple of little nods to this idea. It flies by, but i it’s crucial to the trilogy because not all Batman fans agree with this. This is my interpretation of the character.

This is David [Goyer] and my take on it, and Christian [Bale] as well having his input. We said, “Okay, when you look at how you make the incredible extraordinary actions of an individual, who’s going to reinvent themselves in a theatrical persona in order to right the wrongs of the world and exorcise demons”….

The only way to me that made sense was in a more realistic tone, and taking on the idea of symbolism. The take on the idea that [Bruce Wayne] would see himself as a symbol who would motivate the good of Gotham to actually start working on their own, so he would be a catalyst for change, and tip the scales. And that’s always going to be a temporary process. To me it only made sense if you were looking at going okay, “I’m going to do this until the point where it’s not needed. So we followed it through very much into “The Dark Knight.”

Basically, it wasn’t a planned trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins created a loose arc of what the trilogy would have become in the end. Since the success of The Dark Knight began the public’s interest in the Batman movies, Nolan really didn’t have a choice but to conclude his story. He made such a beautiful complete trilogy.

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