Damian is back and well…there are wolves coming after both he and Helena/Huntress. Click the jump to see World’s Finest preview.

PLOT: Robin begrudgingly helps Huntress track down the threat to Wayne Enterprises, but little do they realize that threat is actually tracking them! Meanwhile, Power Girl continues to explore the connection between Earth 2, Apokolips and this Earth, only to find herself in a stand-off with…a bunch of heavily armed 10-year-olds?!

I think a lot of people have come to point with World’s Finest. The story line is craptastic and well Helena/Huntress and Kara/Power Girl are just there. So, as a fan you should just appreciate the fact they even exist at this point. There is nothing really helping the comic book title at this point, well only the fact that Helena is being portrayed on Arrow. So, this might help the title where the writer, Paul Levitz gets booted off the title and someone else comes to revamp everything. I’m hoping that helps because people are loving Helena on Arrow. I think DC Comics should really sit down and say “Damn we should do something with Helena, now that she’s popular.” I hope so.

Here’s the preview. Enjoy!

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