You, Calvin Rose are unworthy! Preview of Talon #2, Click the jump to see.

PLOT:What is THE TOMB OF THE UNWORTHY? How might the surviving members of The Court of Owls use it to destroy Calvin Rose once and for all? Introducing an assassin even more dangerous than Talon!

Talon has been an interesting Batman comic book, and it doesn’t have a huge following yet. But, USA Today finds the comic book worthy of a read. James Tynion IV (writer of Talon) held an interview with USA Today stating this about the character, Calvin Rose (Talon):

“We’re going to see a lot more of who Calvin is, a lot more people who have been a part of his life and will be a part of his life in the future, and we’re also going to see the introduction of the largest threat we’ve seen so far in this series.”

Calvin Rose will be venturing outside of Gotham City a lot more than Batman, which will add more to his character. Everyone should jump onto this band wagon! See the preview down below.

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Source- USA Today 

Talon Issue 2 Exclusive Preview

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