Justice League # 14 Preview

DC Comics today released a preview of the Justice League 14 .

Following the exciting events of JUSTICE LEAGUE #13, Superman has turned against his team after being bitten by the Cheetah. This week, “The Secret of the Cheetah” concludes as the Justice League ventures deep into the Congo in search of Barbara Minerva. Without the help of the Man of Steel, the League must now rely on a local tribe for a way to defeat the Goddess of the Hunt and save their teammate. Will they succeed or will Superman remain a wild beast? And in the back-up story, Black Adam discovers the many ways the world has changed since his imprisonment. From the creative team of Geoff Johns, Tony S. Daniel, Gary Frank, and Richard Friend, JUSTICE LEAGUE #14 hits stores this Wednesday. Click here for an exclusive preview of the issue.
Justice League issue 14 on stands Nov 21 2012 .

Source – DC Comics

– Adam Prince

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