Dustin Ngyuen’s Halloween ‘Li’l Gotham’ Digital Comic Review

In what feels like it was just announced yesterday, today marked the release of Dustin Ngyuen’s first ‘Li’l Gotham’ Digital Comic and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a Halloween themed issue!

This is a cute take on all of Gotham City residents, everyone is drawn in Ngyuen’s cute mini Batman character style. The plot follows Batman and Damian patrolling Gotham on Halloween. Damian doesn’t really understand the point of Halloween and at first tries to beat up kids dressed as the Joker. In a series of cute gags, Batman tries to teach his son what the holiday is all about.

This book is totally made for the tumblr, facebook, internet generation of comic book fans and that seems who it’s aimed at. It’s cute, funny, super light, kids can read it and overall pretty harmless. It also has alot of small details and cameos for hardcore fans. I even noticed Stephanie Brown in the Halloween costume crowd. I can’t say I loved it but the art and story were fun and again a pretty good, harmless, throw away digital purchase. I look forward to see how Dustin and co-writer Derek Fridolfs can keep this going, as it seems like it would get old after a couple of issues but overall a fun read.

Rating: 4/5 Bats

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