Batman Panel

On the last day of New York Comic Con, the Batman Comics Panel was held today. So what have we learned from this panel…EVERYBODY LOVES “DEATH OF A FAMILY!” Yes, yes, we know! From Scott Snyder to Grant Morrison were smiling from ear to ear and happy with the turnout of people who came to the panel. So, some quick points from the panel you see them down below:

  • Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing): “The way he goes after Nightwing is tied into everything we’ve done so far. Coming out of this event there is a huge huge fallout.”
  • Peter Tomasi (writer of Batman & Robin): ” “You’ll get an early opening salvo in #14 on the Joker stuff before 15 and 16 get into the big battle.”
  • Mike Marts (editor of the Batman Comics) on Catwoman: “Seeing her interact with Joker is going to be great.”
  • Grant Morrison (writer of Batman INC): ” We’re not part of the Death of the Family storyline, but we do have family stuff and there WILL be death.”
  • Greg Hurwitz (writer of Batman: The Dark Knight): “We’ve done some really perverse things. Next issue we’ll go down into the cellar that Crane has been put down into. It’s crazy, and this arc will just blow Gotham wide open.”
  • Adam Glass (writer of Suicide Squad): “Somebody’s gonna die next year.”
  • James Tynion IV (writer of Talon): “In issue #1, he’ll come back to Gotham City for the first time since he ran from the Court of Owls, and he’ll find someone he has a lot in common with.”
  • Scott Snyder (writer of Batman): “Over the years Joker has delivered these horrors to Batman and is trying to make him stronger. We need to make Batman stronger, try harder, make the challenges bigger. So a year ago he cut his face off and he has this secret over Batman that we’ll find out later..”
Well, what do you make of it Bat-fans?
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Source- Newsarama

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