Well, well now…Armie Hammer who is playing as the Lone Ranger in the The Lone Ranger and he has also played Prince Alcott in Mirror Mirror. Hammer is now being considered again to take up the cowl again in the Justice League movie. When I say take up the cowl again, I mean when Warner Bros. was trying to do a Justice League movie that never saw the light of day. It was Armie Hammer who was going to be our version of Batman before Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale entered the scene. Hammer was less known back then, now he might be the lead runner for the role with his Lone Ranger role.

Rumors from previous discussions have stated that the Justice League movie might be in a different universe from The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, in which both movies are taking a more realistic storytelling approach. So, this rumor might be correct in casting Armie Hammer as Batman for this movie because down the line of a Batman reboot. There will be another actor for the reboot.

So how do we feel about Hammer being Batman? How did you feel back then about him being Batman? Do you think Warner Bros. is pulling the right moves in making the Justice League movie in a different universe than The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel? 

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Source- Moviehole


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