Deleted Scenes Hidden on TDKR DVD?

by Ryan Shields
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I has been said and been done with, The Dark Knight Rises DVD will not have a section for deleted scenes.  But who said they have to be all in one dedicated sub menu on the disk?  ComicBook has recently posted up an interesting theory that just might give us all some hope.  They note that some of the features such as Ending the Knight, The Journey of  Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s Reckoning and A Girls Gotta Eat could contain footage not seen by viewers.  While this is not entirely impossible, it is interesting to think about.  In things like these, its not uncommon to see parts of scenes or shots that were unused in the final cut of a film.  Anyone remember that one of the Joker behind the mirror with the bloody smile?  Unused in the film but scene in the extras in the dvd for TDK.  So what do you guys think?  Is there any chance of these scenes popping up secretly on the DVD?  Sound off in the comments section below.

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