RATING: Blah Issue, read if you’re fan of the comic book

More or less, I dread sometimes reading Batman INC because unlike the other Batman issues; this issue takes a whole different approach. Grant Morrison (writer of Batman INC) and Chris Burnham (artist of Batman INC) have taken a less cinematic approach to the artwork. The panels are convectional most of the time, which reminds you of the 1960’s version of comic books.  I am definitely not a huge fan, but I do enjoy Morrison’s humor throughout each issue.

In Batman INC #0, it is basically about the lieutenants of the Batmen came about. It’s great for those who are just getting into Batman INC and who want to know more about the other characters in the team. Truthfully, I did not see Batwing or Wingman in this issue. Chris Burnham informed readers through his Twitter that they were not going to be in this issue. For me, I thought it would be great to see them; but Batwing has his own comic book so his story of joining the team is found in Batwing #0. The art direction was decent, and the colors made me nostalgic for older comics. There were some cool scenes found in the issue such as Dark Ranger who was featured a bit more than the other characters in this issue. Maybe down the line DC Comics might do his story, or maybe not.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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