RATING: Read if you want to get into this comic book, cool art direction and fight sequences.

For those who have been keeping with Earth 2, I seriously congratulate you. From what I hear, it is quite good. However, DKN will only be covering this comic book if it has Batman involved. For Issue #0, it is told from the perspective of Mr. 8 (Terry Sloan) who was a government liaison helping Earth 2 heroes fight against the Apokolips. Mr. 8 was the teammate of the Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman betrayed them and left for another dimensional Earth. It is downright messed up and even though, his excuse was to show Apokolips that Earth 2 was not afraid to die. Apparently, the only way to stop Apokolips was for the superheroes to die defending Earth. So, Issue #0 just gave a reason for why the superheroes had to die.

If you were expecting Issue #0 to give you a taste of how Batman is in Earth 2. Yea, I wouldn’t bother reading it. However, for those who love Earth 2 just because it’s Earth 2. You should read it because the Issue #0 gives you that impending doom feeling. It is sad, but it is such a decent piece of work by James Robinson (writer). Tomas Gioerllo (artist) gave all the characters hard faces but I guess that was only because they were all trying to save a world. However, Gioerllo’s art direction was good showing suspense and action very well.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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