Since the release of The Dark Knight Rises in China, which the movie was pitted against The Amazing Spiderman. It seems The Dark Knight Rises scored more admission tickets than The Amazing Spiderman. These admission tickets helped the movie surpass its 1 billion mark and then some. Overall, The Dark Knight Rises made $50 million internationally. The movie would have made more if the China Film Group did not schedule such a showdown between the two movies, which was extremely messed up on their part. The reason for this showdown is only because China does not want Hollywood movies to overthrow their local movies.

The funny part about all of this is that even though, The Dark Knight Rises scored more admission tickets. Spiderman benefited more from in ticket prices due to China having more 3D screens than IMAX screens. Also, Spiderman had a bigger local opening gaining $32.5 million. However, this shouldn’t matter because The Dark Knight Rises still conquered  as more audiences flocked to see the movie after the local opening, which can’t be said about The Amazing Spiderman. 

Comment down below, DKN Facebook, or DKNewsCom about what you think of The Dark Knight Rises making more admissions in China? What could have caused this?

Source- Variety 


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