Community Spotlight: Bob Dullam

by Stephen Doria
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I live in York, Pennsylvania.  A “city”you can literally drive across in 10 minutes.  There is not too much here, but at the same time, it is not like there is nothing here either.  However, York, PA never gets any serious concerts or events, other than the concerts and events that come from the York Faire in September (which happens to be the oldest faire in the United States).  So, in July, when I read in the “Community Spotlight”that the Tumbler Tour was coming to York, PA I laughed, a lot, believing it to be some mistake.  But, sure enough, on July 20th, the Tumbler Tour did come to York, but not in the manner many, including I, was expecting…

We did not have the normal Tumbler Tour here, but rather we had an Bob Dullam’s tribute to the Tumbler.  He is quite a good artist as well, he had said that he also started making the Batman & Robin Batmobile, but stopped that one (I wonder why… 😉 ) Anyway, I went down to Frank’s cinema and had to check it out.  I just wanted to share with everyone the pictures that I took of the Tumbler.  It is quite special knowing that this guy made everything on his own, in his garage!












There was, of course, a board with the Tumbler that just talks about it for a little…  Here is an image of the board:


It is truly a thing of beauty &&& has cost Dullam hundreds of thousands of dollars to build it.  But the Tumbler is not the only thing the Dullam works on.  They are actually a husband and wife team.  The husband built the Tumbler and the wife handles the business side of the business.  However, they both make one other thing, Utility Belts!  I saw the wife working on one in the shadows on this day and asked her about them.  Apparently, they make two differnt kind of belts.  One is a cheaper version and it costs I believe $150.00 & the other is an authentic replica from TDK trilogy, which costs a-so-worth-it $500.00.  Here are a few photos of her working on a $500.00 belt.




Dullam also makes insanely awesome clay sculptures and you can check out everything at his website  This is also where you can email me about purchasing something!

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