Even though, Birds of Prey (BOP)  has stayed consistent with its suspenseful action and storytelling by Duane Swierczynski (writer). There have been many artists gracing the pages of BOP, but now…Romano Molenaar will be doing the art for BOP for the next two issues. Molenaar is definitely a good addition to BOP team, unlike Jesus Saiz (previous BOP artist) who did well for the first five to six issues. Molenaar might bring a more supple die hard approach to the ladies of BOP. Molenaar will keep up with Swierczynski’s action suspense as Jesus Saiz did in the beginning. Hopefully, Molenaar will stay on BOP for awhile to give readers consistent artwork!

Here’s some of Molenaar’s work down below for Birds of Prey #14 cover art.

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Source- Romano Molenaar (Facebook) 

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