Matt Reviews Batman: The Animated Series Part 3

This is part 3: If you missed part 1,  or Part 2 check em out.

I decided to re-watch all of Batman The Animated Series. However, this time I am going to review each episode as I watch them. This will be an ongoing feature and I will review five episodes at a time (this time I did six because one was a two-parter). I’m going in order of production dates through seasons 1-4; the order on the DVDs.  BTAS always had an A-Team and B-Team for animation; normally they would give the better scripts to the A-Team, so when I mention it, keep that in mind.  It took them time to figure out the tone and great storytelling the show is known for so the first couple episodes were a tad rough.  Therefore the reviews for these first couple episodes will probably be low.

The rating scale will go like this:  5 Bats – Amazing; a must watch, 4 Bats – Great episode, 3 Bats – Fun, but flawed, 2 Bats – Some bad story telling; nostalgia may save it. 1 Bat – Skip this episode! Even nostalgia won’t save it. With that out of the way all I can say is “And here we go!”

Episode 12: It’s Never Too Late

Arnold Stromwell, who is not the same old mob guy from Mask of The Phantasm like I had originally thought when I was a kid, is a big mob boss in Gotham. But he’s old school and fat man Rupert Thorne is pushing to take over as the new mob king. Stromwell thinks Thorne has stolen his kid when really his drug selling ways has got his own son hooked. Batman pulls a ghost of christmas past and tries to get Stromwell to change his ways, by showing him what he has done. Stromwell doesn’t really care about his brat drug addict son and pulls a shot gun to Batman’s face. At this point Batman should have said screw this noise but Batman is much more forgiving then I am. He set up a scenario where Stromwell’s brother who lost his leg when they were children by saving Stromwell from a train get in the same situation. Stromwell never saw the train coming (get it, its a metaphor). This episode ends with Batman overlooking a church which I thought was a little ham handed, but seeing how Batman is either atheist or Catholic from writer to writer I guess the point ration depends on how you align yourself. 2/5 Bats if Athiest 3/5 bats if Agnostic 4/5 if religious.

Episode  13: I’ve Got Batman In My Basement

Batman is hurt while chasing the Penguin. These kids who call themselves Jr. detectives rescue him and bring him to their basement. While Batman rests, the kids must fend off the Penguin and his goons…no I’m not joking. Half Home Alone, half burger king Jr detective squad, I’ve Got Batman In My Basement is by far one of the all time worst episodes. 0/5 Bats

Episode 14: Heart of Ice

What can I say that hasn’t already said about this episode? It won a daytime emmy for being so freaking awesome. It reinvented the origin of Mr. Freeze and it really is a touching tale. This ones hits and hits well, I would say Two-Face and Clayface are stronger but only because Batman get’s a cold and uses soup to stop Mr. Freeze. But still an amazing episode. 5/5 Bats

Episode 15:  The Cat and The Claw

The chase at the start of this episode is really the highlight. The introduction of Catwoman just works, however the Red Claw side story of this episode really drags. It’s best when it’s just Bruce and Selina, but when it gets into the terrorist side plot it drags. 4/5 Bats (only cause I love Catwoman)

Episode 16: The Cat and The Claw Part 2

This is a much weaker episode than part 1, even the animation is worse. It mostly focuses on Batman and Catwoman quasi teaming up to stop the Red Claw. It ends up being cheesy especially the mountain lion scenes…we get it she get’s along with cats… 2/5 Bats

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’ll be back soon with another installment of Matt on The Bat 🙂

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