Young Justice Court: Comic Book Deaths

I am getting really tired of that shit.  Really tired.  I really do get it though, I understand the argument, the classic argument of “this is a kids show,” but before you go and pull that argument on me, stop.  I will tell you why, because every one of those writers for Young Justice know exactly what they are doing, they know that they are making their show more than a children’s show.  If it really was a children’s show, it should hold to children’s themes, and be more like that new Spider-man show that is on.

Before I go further, I just want to see something quick.  Normally I know I have done well with something by the lack of comments it receives.  People tend to only chime in when you screw up.  So, I will be able to judge your passion for this episode’s folly, by how little you say.

But it is not all bad news, just mostly.  I will be honest, the show had me sold for the first two acts, I was really enjoying it.  It is just that third act came along and fucked it all up.  For the first two acts it was really nice because you had what was basically the old team back together, sans Kid Flash.  You had great action, great story telling, made things interesting by bringing in Aqualad again (which gave such an emotional incentive), and even managed to capture that annoying Lagoon thing and take him out of the rodeo!  But really, that third act, COME ON!

You know, I guess I am more disappointed than anything else, because of the potential this episode really had.  Think about it, we have our original team, their ex member fighting them, the emotional investment you put in because you either sympathize or don’t with Superboy, but seriously, if you are not on his side after this episode something is wrong with you.  Even the strongest Miss Martian supporters sitting at home with their giant Miss Martian #1 fingers saw that and though, damn girl, you fucked up!

But that is the greatness of storytelling!!!  That is where the disappointment comes from!  You did so well writers, you did such a great job with this episode, making it maybe the best one ever in the 1st and 2nd acts, but what happened?  Michael Bay?  It is so unnecessary.  And this is where I really come in, because there is no excuse for a comic book death in a show that you decided to go and give that dialogue between Superboy and Miss Martian.  So the old ‘kid show’ excuse goes out the window.  That was some adult conversation to be honest.

Oh and there is more wrong with that third act…

It is not bad enough to give a comic book death teased from the start of the show.  The producers and writers of the show thought their audience so stupid that they felt the need to repeat it all.  We will not say much about the need to go back and beat it into the viewers head a second time.  However, I will say that I heard the blood crack the first time.  And I am not ashamed to say, I was hoping that was Nightwing breaking her sternum or something, for those who do not know, CPR is basically illegal these days, because it does break the shit out of your sternum and fuck up your chest.  I say basically, because you have to ask permission and get permission from the dying person before you can continue, or be licensed.

I do not really want to turn this review into a rant.  I guess it is just filled with a missed potential.  And let’s be honest, when a missed potential screams out at a viewer, you know the writers room discussed it once or twice.   I guess I just hate to see such a good show fall into such silly cliches.

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