Thoughts on the Dark Knight Rises trailer

The following is an opinion piece written by our new writer, Joey.

After it was announced that a third trailer for the Dark Knight Rises would be attached to the Avengers my brain about burst from pure excitement! Although it was not surprising being that back in 2008, a third trailer for The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) was attached to Iron Man (Marvel).  While I believe that Marvel has been far too heavy handed with the recent outbreak of trailers, pictures, and news Warner Bros. has taken the opposite approach.  Of course, their strategy does work as it keeps the fans dying to know what fate Batman will face.  The less is more technique also sparks endless conversations and debates.  Fans are then forced to go through everything and anything to get an advanced look into what will be the ultimate finale and challenge for our caped crusader.

Nolan's Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)

As for myself, I’d love to see more of Catwoman in action.  Pictures, videos, and information about her have been so rare to come by, which is predictably Nolan’s style.  Sadly, the only reason we got our

Tim Burton's Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)

first glimpse at the lady cat was because the paparazzi had snapped a picture of her on the set.  Warner Bros. scrambled together, hastily releasing the first official image before the paparazzi pictures could be released to the media. With obvious modifications to the Catsuit, many are wondering how this incarnation of Catwoman will differ from previous ones, especially Burton’s.  Although in the comics, her actions are usually reflected in what state Gotham is in.  My own speculation is  that she will be more of a Robin Hood-esque antagonist by the way she was depicted in the second trailer.  There has also been a description of Catwoman walking down stairs, and telling hunch men that Bruce Wayne was for Bane.  My feeling on this is that while she joins Bane at first, once innocent people start getting hurt or she disagrees with their actions she finally switches sides and joins Batman.  Will with see more of her in the new trailer though, or will she be kept under wraps like the mysterious Miranda Tate?

Marion Cotillard as 'Miranda Tate.'


Liam Neelson as Ra's al Ghul.

Along with a lot of fans, I’m still under the assumption that she will be Talia al Ghul.  Nolan has already stated that he wanted everything to come full circle, and immediately my mind went towards the League of  Shadows (LOS).  The LOS has already made 2 attacks on Gotham.  Their first attack used economics to destroy the city, but with the help of certain people like Bruce Wayne’s parents. Gotham’s destruction was averted.  Of course, their second attempt also failed when Batman intervened, and it ended in Ra’s al Ghul’s death.  We know that Liam Neelson will reprise his role, but I’m sure it’s in the way of a flashback.  He has admitted he was only on set for about half an hour, and that’s not much time for a lot of footage. It would however, be  long enough to show Ra’s teaching a younger Talia and Bane in my opinion.  Remember way back when, in Batman Begins, Ra’s al Ghul told Bruce that he was his greatest student?  Well, he did and he had his entire life to train Talia. So will she become Batman’s greatest enemy with her wit, or will Bane’s incredible strength and intellect break the Bat?  If you’re craving for more info on Talia, there’s a fantastic article that has some of my exact feelings a few pages back entitled Who is Miranda Tate?  It was written by a co writer, Stephen, and it covers everything we know and can speculate about her.

I guarantee there will be sighs and groans from some fan boys who fear too much will be revealed in the newest trailer, but we must trust in our beloved director.  Nolan won’t be showing us anything without purpose, this is his legacy in a franchise that will forever change the world of cinema and dive deep into the madness that is Batman’s world.  While being true to the source material, his individualized take on the villains has still left chills in theater goers and one could only expect ever more this time around.  Will the magnificently terrifying Dr. Jonathan Crane be back as rumors swirl of his cameo appearance on set, and/or will the League of Shadows make a third and last attempt on the city of Gotham?  As for the time we have to wait, I’m sure I’ll be pacing a hole through my floor in anticipation and speculation!

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