Over an hours worth of IMAX in the Dark Knight Rises!!

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While most summer blockbusters are coming out in 3D, Christopher Nolan has stayed true to his beloved IMAX.  Early reports with Nolan’s wife, Emma Thomas, originally reported about 40-50 minutes worth of footage would end up in the final cut.  However, new comments stemming from an interview with Nolan in the Wall Street Journal reveals  it’s more than that, at least more than an hour’s worth. Although, the cameras used tend to be bulky, noisy and awkward to film with; they offer a one of a kind experience you can’t get anywhere else.  It’s only fitting that with the conclusion of his trilogy, he has decided to go with more IMAX than ever, but is it enough? Are you happy with this? Or are you like me and you wish for even more IMAX footage?