This is part 2 of Scott Snyder’s interview with Newarama.  Snyder focuses on upcoming events for Batman as well as digs a little bit into what the other Bat-family members will be experiencing when the Talons come on knocking. So, I will repeat again if you have not read Batman # 7 and Nightwing # 7 or you just do not want to know about what is coming up. PLEASE LEAVE THIS POSTING! 


Issue #8 for Batman and Nightwing will start the Night of the Owls, the Talons will be released from their coop out into Gotham City. Scott Snyder is of course excited and Greg Capullo, the artist, ensures us that there will be blood:

Nrama: Greg told us in our interview with him this week that a lot of action happens in the coming issues. He called it “vicious, bombastic, violent, bone-crunching, gore-filled, blood-and-guts Batman stuff.” I take it Bruce is going to be fighting a few Talons?

Snyder: Yeah, and it all begins in issue #8, as the Talons are released onto the city. There’s something that happens within issue #8 and then it spills into #9. And there’s all this craziness that I really don’t want to say too much about. But it’s the kind of thing Greg is obviously enjoying, and I hope the readers do too. I know they’re going to love Greg’s art on it.

Capullo and Snyder work so well together and Capullo’s art adds more rawness to the pages. Capullo is responsible for the design of the Talons’ look. From the tiny golden beak to the executioner’s hood. The man is just a visual and design genius. He is the kind of guy who says “Let me do my own thing and you won’t be disappointed.” I think it is clear from most of the reviews on Batman # 7 that all the fans are just itching for more from Snyder and Capullo.


On the subject of the Talons, I am excited to see that the Court has released them out into Gotham City. There is a whole vast of them coming out of the coop and each one of them is different from the other. They are all from different time periods like from the 16th, 18th, and late 20th century. It is just not the time period that makes them distinctive from one another, but also their costume designs. Some Talons will  have simple clothing related to their time period like 16th century Talon or some will be a little bit more embellished with accessories like the 1980’s Talon. What is so great is that these Talons will be featured in other Bat-family issues such as Batgirl, Red Hood, Batman and Robin, and others. Each Talon will have a story and their costume design will be done by the artists of those issues. So for right now, there is a blueprint layout on how those Talons should look other than that the issue artists can accessorize and add on as much as they want.

As for the writers,  they are collaborating with Snyder on back story issues for those Talons. However, Snyder totally emphasizes on that each Talon must be part of the Haley Circus. The same Haley Circus that Dick Grayson came from.  We see from Batman #7 that the Haley Circus is used as an audition for the Court to pick out the best athletic people to join them. I personally believe that it gives great reason for why Haley Circus always came to Gotham City and pretty much why their shows were always so good. It even gives a nice back story to why Dick Grayson and his family were even there in Gotham City that it was not a coincidence. As a person who believes in that there must be a reason for every little thing, I guess it brings closure to Dick’s arrival to Gotham and why the Court wanted him. Dick was a chosen Talon by the Courts. It is a coincidence, but so ironic at the same time. I just love it!

Batman #7 is a huge game changer right now at its most exciting part introducing the release of the Talons. Snyder is working on giving us some little bits on the future of the series:

  Snyder:  I mean, there’s stuff I’m seeding into the pages of Batman right now that’s going to show up later. The next story, which starts in issue #13, is going to be a huge story again, and there’s already hints of it. It’s not as long as this one, but it’s very big and dark and game-changing. And then the one after that, which will start around maybe issue #18 or #19, I’m seeding things in now for that too. I’ve got the one after that planned too. I mean, there’s stuff in Batman right now that’s going to play out in issue #25 or #26.

Snyder is the kind of guy who is always going to be feeding us little hits, and if we can see in the pages we will have an idea on how he is going to work it in other issues. Seriously, he is a supernova! I am super excited to be part of the owl madness. For more on the Newsarama interview with Scott Snyder follow the link below. I will be posting up Talons’ era costume designs on Facebook as well.

Source- Newsarama Inteview Part II 


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