If you grew up watching Invader Zim, then you know what I am talking about. If you do not, then I will post the epic song at the bottom because it is just morbidly funny. There is a reason for my simple madness and it is this… Bane’s Doom Machine has reared its ugly head. The machine is actually called “Instrument of Your Liberation.” This reminds me of Batman Returns , when The Peguin made his speech to his fleet of peguins yelling out “The Liberation of Gotham” towards the end. I am not saying that we are going to see a repeition of Tim Burton’s work, but both movies are using liberation as a theme in destroying Gotham.


Based on Comic Book Movie rumors and assumptions, some seem to believe that the machine is meant to create earthquakes using seismic waves. It all sounds quite impressive  , but there are other rumors suggesting neutron bomb. Basically it is going to be sophiscated and trigger a huge DOOM song out of it. Others think that the consequence of the bomb will turn Gotham into No Man’s Land, which is my favorite. This would  give another writer/director a chance to continue telling the story or do a reboot. Either way it’s an ending to the legacy.



So what do you guys think? Will Bane’s bomb lead us into No Man’s Land or will Batman make it in time to  stop all this nonsense? Or maybe you think this is all crap? Post your comments below, on Facebook, or send us emails with your thoughts.

The Doom Song

Source- Comic Book Movie


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