Ace vs Krypto, Who Is The Better Super Dog?

I must’ve missed the memo that this week is the week of feuds. First there was Deadpool vs the DC Universe, now it’s the battle of super pets! The two most famous pooches in comic books are without question Krypto and Ace the Bathound. Just by their names, I’m sure you can figure out that Krypto belongs to Superman and Ace to Batman.

In a tweet by Gail Simone, she simply states that “Krypto > Ace.” Batman comics writer Tom King decided not to take this lying down and defend the Dark Knight’s good boy.

It was, of course, all in jest and good fun. 

However, it wasn’t just because King likes the Bathound more. King actually wrote a story about Ace called “Good Boy” in Batman Annual #1, which ended up earning King an Eisner Award, as stated in part of his argument. An Eisner Award is a prize given for creative achievement in American comic books, basically the comic book equivalent of an Oscar.

While I personally lean towards the Bathound as well, due to my Batman bias, let’s not lie, they’re both good boys!

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports