‘Gotham’ Poster Hints That a Dark Knight is Coming

Season four of Gotham is set to air on the 21st of September and FOX is letting everyone know by releasing a brand new poster, tag line and some new images.

The new tagline for season four will be “A Dark Knight,” foreshadowing Bruce’s journey and showing us a glimpse of the man he will eventually become.

Gotham Season Four

Gotham Season Four premieres 9/21

Gotham’s New Knight.

FOX have already shown us Bruce’s alter ego “The Mask” in the trailer released last week. The bulk of the promotional material coming from FOX regarding Season Four seems to be centering around Bruce’s new role and the are using a lot of iconic imagery such as bats and the cape.

While this all hints at Bruce becoming The Batman, it is highly unlikely that we will see the final version of the iconic outfit this season. This season will be showing us where Bruce’s journey begins and he still has a long road ahead of him before he becomes the true Dark Knight.

The poster also confirms season four will now air on Thursday nights.

Gotham Season Four premieres 21st September.


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