‘The Dark Knight’ Gets A Kill Counter Video

'The Dark Knight' Gets A Kill Counter Video Dark Knight News

Have you ever been watching a film – superhero or not – and thought; “gee, it sure looks like a lot of people just died! I wonder what the exact number was?” Well, wonder no more – YouTuber and Film Blogger JoBlo has provided us with the answer! Two months ago, the world was introduced to “Kill Counter” – a new series of YouTube videos that count the kills in movies. Pretty simple, right? That is until you get to films like 300 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I don’t even want to think about those kill counters…

A few days ago, JoBlo uploaded his latest installment in this series, chronicling the number of kills seen in – you guessed it – The Dark Knight. After seeing the destruction that Ben Affleck brought to the role in Batman v Superman, safe to say I forgot how (dare I say it?) tame Christian Bale’s Batman really was. After watching this video, I expected the kill count to be a lot higher, but then thinking back, I wondered how it got that high! It was a very conflicting time for me! But I digress, you can check out the video below and make an assessment for yourself!

What do you think? Was the count lower or higher than you expected? Sound off in the comments below! I am personally hoping that in the future, JoBlo might consider doing one of these videos for Batman v Superman or quite frankly any of the 80/90s Batman flicks! I think certainly one of the most controversial ones could be Man of Steel, but let’s not go there right now.


Tyler Harris

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