Fox Releases Clips for ‘Gotham’ S03.E03, First Look at Alice

Season 3 of Gotham is well under way and with each new episode, we’re being introduced to new plot developments and characters. Last week was the debut of Maggie Geha as the older Ivy Pepper.

Tomorrow’s episode will see the debut of Naian Gonzalez Norvind as the enigmatic Alice character that will fuel the Mad Hatter’s obsession.

A couple days ago, Fox released four new clips to promote Season 3, episode 3 of Gotham, entitled “Look Into My Eyes,” which will premiere tomorrow at 8PM. In the one of the clips, we meet Alice for the first time. Also, we meet Leslie’s new beau in probably one of the most awkward encounters in comic book television history.

Check out the clips below:

Because I know you’re dying with anticipation, I’ll show you the clip featuring our first look at Alice… first. Here, you can see she’s sort of living in squalor, losing her job and therefore, being unable to afford rent. The skeevy landlord goes from your average, grumpy landlord demanding rent to a creepy pervert in seconds because he just realized Alice was a girl. Then, we discover Alice inherited Uma Thurman’s powers from Batman and Robin.


Next up, we have Gordon getting stitches on his head when suddenly the doctor performing the procedure on him reveals he is Lee’s new man. PUM! PUM! PUM! My only wonder is why the character felt the need to tell him at all. I suppose he’s fine with confrontation, but I think smarter folks will likely avoid admitting their intent to marry their patient’s baby mama.


Here is plot development with Penguin. Looks like he’s going to run for mayor like his 1966 counterpart. You gotta hand it to Cobblepot though. It’s quite ingenious to walk into an assembly of people with your own crowd and announce your candidacy. That way, it looks like you convinced the majority of Gotham that you’re the right candidate.


This one is likely the most entertaining one of the bunch. Alfred and Bruce are enjoying a sparring session when suddenly, Grunge Rock Bruce walks in with his wig. It turns out he can fight very well, enough to catch Alfred by surprise a couple times. I just can’t over David Mazouz in this wig. He looks like a dirty John Lennon. He is, however, doing a pretty good job playing this weird, drugged out version of Bruce.

Gotham airs tomorrow, October 3rd at 8PM EST, on Fox.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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