New Justice League Series Confirmed to be in Development

The Justice League


The internet was abuzz not too long ago when someone snapped a photo of a poster that allegedly displayed the logo of a new Justice League animated series. The letters “JLA” were prominently featured and it was said that the acronym stood for “Justice League Action.”

The World’s Finest recently reached out to Cartoon Network Canada, hoping to get some kind of confirmation regarding the project. Here’s the response they were given:

“We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next fall.”

That sounds pretty solid to me. It takes a while to produce a quality animated product and Fall 2016 sounds realistic. The new series can ride the popularity of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it is a wise decision to have an animated series debut in advance of Justice League Part One’s theatrical release in November 2017.

No details are currently known about the series, but I will make some educated guesses:

  1. I expect it to start a new continuity, meaning it won’t be connected to any previous series from the Timm-verse or Young Justice.
  2. I also think it will draw some inspiration – in an aesthetic sense, at the very least – from The New 52.

My only hopes are that it delivers a quality product and that the tone is similar to that of Justice League/ Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice, not Teen Titans Go.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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