Batmobile Prototype Model (Batman vs. Superman)

The Batman vs. Superman Batmobile and Batsuit were recently revealed in a monochromatic portrait that, presumably for stylistic purposes, captured only a partial view of the sleek vehicle, with Batman standing at its right side.

Yet we stumbled upon a particular photo from Blue Realm Studios, and it appears to be an official prototype of the Batmobile’s body or shell.

Here’s what Blue Realm had to say:

Everyone has been talking about the tweeted teaser of the new batmobile. But here’s a prototype sculpt of what the rest is supposedly going to look like!

The Batman vs. Superman Prototype Model, in All its Glory

Upon first glimpse of the prototype, one might become confused as to where the wheels are; this time, when I say “one,” I’m referring to myself.  Where are the wheels hiding?  Will the Batmobile somehow morph into a flying apparatus, and does this early sculpture seem to vaguely hint at that?  Perhaps not, but only time will tell.

“Very good, sir. Is it finally finished, then?”


Source: Blue Realm Studios Facebook