Effort to Give Bill Finger A Google Doodle

Bill Finger Illustration by Ty Templeton via Nobleman’s Book

Bill Finger is the unsung creator of Batman, and the driving factor as to what went into making the Dark Knight the beloved iconic he would become. Sadly, he is not noticed like his co-creator Bob Kane, and in recent years, men like Marc Tyler Nobleman has become an advocate for the man’s rightful recognition. He’s even written a book on the matter, called Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. However, Nobleman is just one man, and so he’s working his way to calling on other fans to get Finger his very own Google Doodle because 2014 is a year of milestones for the man. It is the 75th anniversary of the Batman’s appearance in Detective Comics #27, his hundredth birthday will be this year, and it has been forty years since his death. Nobleman had this to say to the fans on what the doodle could even be.

Finger was well known for writing scripts featuring oversized versions of everyday objects — giant props…Perhaps a Doodle could take this into account somehow (and sidestep copyright issues at the same time).

However, the clock is ticking bat-fans, the target date is February 8th, his birthday. Nobleman urges anyone who wants to pay tribute to the co-creator of the Batman by emailing Google at [email protected].

Bill Finger deserves a great deal from his ordeal with Batman, but, at the very least, he does deserve some kind of recognition this year for his work be it by Google or the fans.

Source: IGN