New DC Universe Super Heroes Lego 2014

In 2014 lego is extending its DC Universe Super Heroes range with a host of new Batman sets coming out. Currently we can tell you that four sets will be available with each one offering a central villain for the Dark Knight to tackle. Below is an outline of each set, no dates have been reported as to when they will be available for purchase but keep an eye on the official product site in the new year.

76010: Batman the Penguin Face Off (5-12)

Batman in a new bat suite takes on the penguin on water!











76011: Batman Man-Bat Attack (6-12)

Batman and Nightwing take on Man-Bat in this set.









76012: Batman The Riddler Chase (6-12)

Batman isn’t alone while taking on the Riddler, in this set the Flash is included.








76013: Batman The Joker Steam Roller (7-14)

In this set, Batman has Batgirl and Robin helping him against Joker and crew member










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