Heading to the past: Snyder and Capullo talk ‘Zero Year’

Greg Capullo (left) and Scott Snyder (right)
Greg Capullo (left) and Scott Snyder (right)


This June, an 11-issue story arc begins in the DC Universe where an exploration of the Dark Knight Detective’s beginnings will help set the tone in future issues of Batman. DC writer Scott Snyder is teaming back up with artist Greg Capullo for this venture which will last until spring 2014. But it’s not going to be one long story, like “Death of the Family.”

It’s different chapters. Just so you understand, it’s not one monolithic story that’s all about him and the Red Hood Gang. And I think you’ll get the sense of that from the very first opening pages. You’ll see that it’s a story that examines, like, three, or a few different seasons in Bruce’s early years — first year — as Batman.” – Scott Snyder

In an interview with Newsarama, Snyder and Capullo go into great detail explaining their thoughts and motives for doing this story arc. They are taking current Batman stories out of the loop for almost a whole year. One can only wonder what kind of Gotham we’ll see when the book returns to present day.

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Source: Newsarama