More creative teams are being reassigned to different Batman comic books, so what’s new this time around? Click the jump to see more.


So, we hear from the higher ups like Bob Haras (Editor-in-Chief) and Bobbie Chase (Editorial Director) about the new creative teams for certain Batman books for the new year. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Nightwing gets a new artist and inker, Brett Booth (former artist of Teen Titans) and Norm Rapmund (former inker of Teen Titans).
  • Jim Zub is not going to be the writer of Birds of Prey, it will now be Christy Marx (writer of Sword of Sorcery)

Totally stoked to see Brett Booth take up Nightwing after Eddy Barrows left due to health concerns, however it seems that Barrows will be goingNTW_Cv19 to Teen Titans’ artwork. So…why the change? According to Haras and Chase, it just happened to flow that way. Yeah, we’re supposed to accept this after fans have heard from different mediums via interviews and podcasts that there is a different story behind all this. Eh, let’s move on. At least, Nightwing will continue to be a good Batman comic book to read and Booth’s designs for new villains and characters will be an added bonus to Kyle Higgins’ (current writer of Nightwing) story line.

BOP_Cv19As for Birds of Prey‘s change up, wasn’t it about a few weeks ago that Jim Zub was supposed to take over? Fans read the interviews of what Zub was planning and now they took him off becuase they want Christy Marx to take over. Um…what the hell?! Based on the interview given by Haras and Chase (who stand as an united front), both have stated that there is a “different direction” DC Comics has for Birds of Prey so Zub is out. This is a fast turn around so what can we expect from Marx in the short time span given? He will probably have to dish out some real rushed issues and incohorent story lines for DC Comicswhich is never good for anyone. All that can be said is this, DC Comics screwed the pooch on this one.

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Source- CBR