Kyle Higgins has been killing the scene with Nightwing and there will be more killing with “Death of a Family” crossover. Click the jump to see more.

Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing) sat down with both Comicvine Newsarama about his “Death of a Family” crossover story line along with other questions. Here is the breakdown of the interviews:

  1. There will be death in Nightwing #15 and more death in Nightwing #16. 

    NW #15
    NW #15
  2. Haly Circus will be location of Joker’s attack for Nightwing. Since Haly Circus’ location, Amusement Mile holds meaning to the Joker when he did The Killing Joke. This will become a very interesting story line for Nightwing to face.
  3. Sonia Zucco will be involved in this Nightwing‘s “Death of a Family.”
  4. Raya (one of Nightwing’s nemesis) will be part of Joker’s plan to get Nightwing.
  5. Issue #16 is Eddy Barrows’ last issue on Nightwing. 

Well, that’s all for Nightwing. Here are some sneak peek pages, panels, and colored images from Nightwing #15 and Nightwing #16 down below.

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Source- Comicvine & Newsarama