There is no circus, there is only fear and horror! Batman #13 is around the corner and it is a prelude to the return of the Joker. This does not mean that he won’t appear in Issue #13, he will. Oh…he will and you won’t see him coming. Neither will Batman, Joker is back and he’s got a death quota this October. Here’s an interview by USA Today with Scott Snyder (writer of Batman):

“The Joker is coming and saying, ‘Remember all these awesome times we had together,’ which are obviously not awesome at all for Batman, but in the Joker’s mind are these incredibly loving and terrific encounters over the years. In his own oddball way, the Joker sees Batman as the ruler of Gotham and himself as the court jester  He believes he often brings the worst news of Batman’s own heart to him in the form of these terrible nightmares he has to fight. If that’s his purpose, then he sees this family in a lot of ways as interlopers and people who make his idol, his Bat-king, weak.”

Snyder put it best. Joker is the court jester and every joke is the truth. You wait and see his jokes are about to get real physical!

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Source- USA Today