More On Tim Drake NOT Being Robin In The New 52

Seems the New 52 is changing the fact that Tim Drake was ever Robin. It starting to sound like he’s was always just Red Robin. Were have to wait to see, but this interview with Scott Lobdell has some choice quotes:

Nrama: A lot of people have reacted to the comment you made in San Diego that Tim Drake was never a Robin. Do you maintain that people calling him “Robin” in former New 52 issues were just shortening his real identity of “Red” Robin to the one-word, common name for Batman’s sidekick?

Lobdell: Yes.

Nrama: I guess you could argue that it’s just a small change, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But then the flip side of that is, if it’s such a small change — why make it?

Lobdell: Oh, I don’t think it is a small change at all. I think it is a huge change.

Nrama: But I think the most important question is, why do you as a writer of this character believe it’s important to establish him as “only” Red Robin, and do we see reasoning for it in Teen Titans #0 next week?

Lobdell: The way you frame the question makes it seem like being “only” Red Robin is somehow a demotion, but I don’t see it that way at all. I think it is awesome that Tim looked at the role of Robin that was filled by Dick and the recently departed Jason and said, “I’m going to honor the role of Robin by not assuming I can leap into the part just because I’m the latest 15-year-old boy to put on a cape.

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