Back To The Future: Making of Returns’ Penguin

For me, Batman Returns ranks low on my top dark knight flicks, in part because of Penguin, I found him more annoying than enjoyable to watch.  But hey what can you do.  No matter how much of a plus or minus things are, behind the scenes stuff are always good when looking at films and recently Stan Winston School has put up some never before seen photos of the making of Penguin.  Check it out below!

The initial concept was just a pointy nose, but I wasn’t really happy with that. So I got my hands back in the clay, which I love, and started playing with the look myself. Years ago, for The Wiz, I had created crow characters with enormous beak faces, which involved whole forehead and brow appliances. I’d always loved that design; and, although crows had nothing to do with penguins, I felt that I could use a similar concept for the Penguin. That turned out to be the look that was selected.“- Stan Winston

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Source: Stan Winston School