If Timothy Green II has not pissed you off yet? Then, prepare to be livid. Red Hood & the Outlaws #0 was supposed to be Dwayne Turner and was given to Pascual Ferry. In previous article on DKN, Red Hood Gets An Art Change-Up, Ferry was mentioned earlier to be doing Issue #12 of Red Hood. Instead, Green became the continuing artist for Red Hood. Here we are with Ferry who is doing Issue #0. These change-ups are due to DC Comics and their joy to cater to the fans as well as to their critics. Apparently, the critics mean more than the fans.

For many Red Hood fans were livid when Rocafort left. According to some fans of the comic book, some have already left the book. When DC Comics gets the news of the comic book tanking because loyal fans dropped the book. It’s going to be pretty staggering for DC Comics to find another good artist. Preferably, Scott Lobdell (writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws and Teen Titans) is doing decent with Teen Titans and some fans took well to Brett Booth as being lead artist of the book. Maybe, Booth can become the new artist. Even though, he is very well sought after from other comic books to do concept designs for characters and villains. Hopefully, Booth might be considered to do Red Hood & the Outlaws when Green doesn’t work out anymore.

Comment down below, DKN FacebookDKNewsCom, or DC Comics Fans about what you think of Ferry, Green, or Booth continuing Red Hood & the Outlaws? Or do you think there is another artist who can take up the mantle?

Source- Bleeding Cool