David Goyer Talks Themes from The Dark Knight Rises


David Goyer, Co-writer for all 3 Christopher Nolan Batman Films, recently talked about certain themes found in The Dark Knight Rises including Occupy Wall Street. Here is what he had to say:


“Batman has always been the most grounded of the major superheroes, he doesn’t have any superpower, doesn’t come from an alien planet, things like that, but our approach from the very beginning was that we were going to treat this as real-world as possible within the superhero confines. It was just kind of luck that the themes we were dealing with in this film happened to coincide with the Occupy Wall Street, 99 percent thing. We couldn’t have planned that. It just sort of happened. We try to make them as meaningful. Hopefully, they’re sort of like a Greek myth that reflects back on what’s happening in today’s politics.”


So what are your thoughts about David Goyer’s comments about certain themes found in The Dark Knight Rises? Comment below.





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