Official Numbers For Rises In

This past weekend out of respect, Warner Bros decided not to release any numbers for The Dark Knight Rises.  Today we got the official count and while many fans including myself are feeling an underwhelming sense of performance, this past weekend was still record breaking.  The total count is $160,887,295, a new record for biggest debut for a 2D movie, the previous was The Dark Knight which opened with 158.4 million.  Now this is a ways off for the 180-190 projected numbers that were previously reported and in my opinion it is sort of ignorant not to say that the Colorado shooting has nothing to do with the performance of the film no matter how big or small of an effect.  Is it just me or do you think that the follow up sequel to a critically acclaimed  film would only outperform its predecessor by only a little over 2 million?  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t given it’s hype but sadly what has happened has happened and we cannot do anything to fix what happened. With an additional 88 million from overseas that brings the grand total 248.9 million worldwide.  Warnar Bros has also stated that it will make a donation to the Colorado charity.  May our thoughts and prayers be with those affected.


Source: IGN