For the last eleven issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws, Kenneth Rocafort has been the artist for the comic book. His work has been good although, in my opinion…it was rather sloppy and a bit chaotic for me to read the issues. It came to a point while I was reading the issues, I felt frustrated looking at the shattered panels. I mean Rocafort’s panels had cool art direction, but while one is reading you kind of want a consistent or conventional panels so you can read the issue in peace to get the jest of the story line. Anyway, I’m sure there are some who are Rocafort fans. I am not saying that he is bad, just the fact that his artwork is an acquired taste. His artwork is like sushi…the raw fish is not for everyone, but some love the bizarre dish of actually eating raw fish.

Rocafort will be missed. There will be a new artist, Pasqual Ferry, a Spanish artist who has done mostly Marvel comics and a bit of DC Comics such as Strange Adam and Action Comics. Now, Ferry is not permanent; his work will be featured on Issue #12.  I’ve never heard of Ferry or read his work so I looked at his blogspot to check out his work. I must say, he’s really neat and precise with his artwork. I mean this is the kind of work that I’ve seen from anime and manga covers. These are super neat artworks. His art direction has good panels that gives different perspectives of viewing the characters in action. I mean after seeing Ferry’s work, I am super excited to see how Red Hood will appear in Issue #12. See examples of his work below this paragraph:

From what some sources say, Timonthy Green II will be replacing Rocafort. Green has worked for many different comic companies such as Dark Horse, Vertigo, and Marvel. His recent work can be viewed from Animal Man Annual #1. Now, I’ve checked over his work…and I’m not so sure about Green. He has great art direction, but his portrayal of characters have an unusual oddness to them. When I think of Green’s work, I see Venture Bros. design style written all over it. Many Red Hood fans are complaining about Green and I can say that I’m exchanging chaotic for weird artwork. I prefer Ferry over Rocafort and Green, but its DC Comics call. See examples of his work below this paragraph:

What do you think about the art change-up for Red Hood and the Outlaws? To see both Timonthy Green’s artwork and Pascual Ferry look down below.

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